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What does Circular Economy mean? And what is the Sufficiency Principle?

Circular Economy is a production model based on the optimization of processes and resources. It’s related to sustainable production and to mitigation of environmental impact.

Good Sustainable Mood is committed to the research of secondary raw materials and to the development of zero impact manufacturing processes.

The aim of the Sufficiency Principle is the efficient use of resources: the main goal is to produce exactly what the customer needs.

As a Startup, we want to disrupt the standard processes of the fashion system by directly involving our customers as partners and collaborators in achieving these targets.

Without you, the item does not exist. It comes to life only if you order it.


Fashion industry and Circular Economy: where have we started from?

Today the fashion industry produces between 80 billion and 100 billion articles of clothing a year and less than 1% of these garments are recycled.

Every year the fashion industry wastes 92 million tons of clothes, fabrics and so on. Each second one garbage truck full of clothing is taken to landfill.

We believe that sustainability is a long and challenging path, but we’re committed to improving day by day.

We started in 2019 with a slow-fashion logic, an optimized production and an offer of innovative, sustainable and certified fabrics.

For the first time, in 2020, we’re involving the end consumer in a zero-waste process in order to completely get rid of deadstocks.

In choosing our fabrics, we put sustainability and innovation in first place.

We are directly in touch with every single part of our transparent and efficient supply chain.

Every day we work with high-quality Italian suppliers. Every day we choose Made in Italy.


What are deadstocks and how does our zero-waste model work?

Deadstocks are leftovers from fashion industry. Season after season, a large amount of deadstocks remains unsold and its disposal represents a serious issue.

These leftovers are stocked, burnt or taken to landfill. This model is no longer sustainable both in economic and environmental terms.

This is the reason why we constantly work to get rid of deadstocks.

Our zero-waste model is based on:

  • The research of innovative fabrics (also secondary raw materials).
  • The optimization of manufacturing cycle by a strategical use of garment dyeing techniques.
  • The Pre-Order system, that allows us to realize an item only when it’s ordered.

This brings to a more efficient use of resources, avoiding fabrics’ waste. Also, in the end it pays off, literally.

Furthermore, less fabrics’ waste means low costs for the end consumer.

Everyone benefits from it: you, us and the environment!


Our vision of sustainability

To us sustainability means longevity.

We invest in a zero-waste model that guarantees the lowest environmental impact, according to the goals of sustainable development from 2030 Agenda.

Despite all the waste that comes from the supply chain of the traditional fashion system, Good managed to take a stand and impose itself as a reality with a positive impact on people, society and environment.

Our purpose is to generate consciousness and spread knowledge about a more sustainable world approachable by everyone.

Every day we work side by side with high-quality Italian suppliers. Every day we choose Made in Italy.

Sustainability and beauty are both important to Good, so we design our items in an accurate, essential and timeless way.


How do we choose our fabrics?

Our textiles are innovative and sustainable, we use natural fibers and secondary raw materials.

According to the principles of Circular Economy, our constant work of research allows us to give a new life to discarded materials.

Our milk fiber is an excellent example: a material that derives from food industry wastes.

Another fundamental step is dyeing’s quality.

We choose to combine our materials with certified dyeings free from slack waxes (a toxic substance used in the manufacturing cycle to realize most of the clothes on the market). Like a cream or a jewel, your clothes have to be healthy and in compliance with law.


You are not just important, you are necessary!

Usually fashion industry sees you like the ultimate consumer, the very last element of the entire chain.

Good puts you at the beginning of the manufacturing cycle. Now, you are at the head of the production!

With Pre-Order system, items don’t exist unless you decide so!

Your role has changed: from end consumer to a conscious player who cares about the impact of fashion on his lifestyle.


What are Pre-Orders and how do they work?

When we think of smart shopping we think of Pre-Order, a system that contributes to reduce wastes that come from the manufacturing cycle in the fashion system.

With Pre-Orders you have the time to care about your item while you’re waiting for it. We hold your Pre-Order as a promise to you and the delivery as the conclusion of a journey that started when you decided to buy your item!

In our e-shop you can Pre-Order your items among a selection of products that will be specifically realized out of the number of received requests. In this way, you ensure yourself your favorite fabrics or products avoiding the risk of find it out of stock!

Each Pre-Order article is identified by the Pre-Order label that you can find on the product page of our website.

Before placing the order, you proceed at the payment of your items. Then, according to our policy, you’ll receive your products at home as soon as they’ll be ready.

If your order contains a mix of Pre-Order and in stock items, you could receive the articles in different solutions to guarantee a faster delivery.


Which is the difference between Pre-Order items and e-shop items?

Pre-Order items are a new entry in terms of materials and innovation.

They are available for a limited time (remember to check our Timer before they go out of stock!) and you can buy them in advance at a launch price.

Each Pre-Order item begins its life in the very moment in which you purchase it.

In this process you are on our side: you are the major player of a great change driven by the principles of Circular Economy.

On the e-shop you can always find items that you can purchase and receive immediately.


What about the lifecycle of my Pre-Order item?

Let’s follow together the lifecycle of your item!

Follow step by step the manufacturing cycle of your Pre-Order item. Sign up the newsletter! Let’s share our project of Circular Economy!

Good companies are green! Collaborate with us

Do you have an idea for your company? Would you like to learn more about our project?

We work hard every day to spread a message of sustainability and innovation in the best interest of companies and people.

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