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Materials & Certifications

Milk Fiber

The milk fiber fabric is characterised by lightness, softness, smoothness, permeability, freshness and brightness.
It feels particularly pleasant and comfortable on the skin, as dairy proteins have the characteristic of nourishing and moisturizing even the most delicate skins.
The milk fiber stimulates blood circulation, it is naturally antibacterial and sterile, and the amino acids of the milk released by the fiber are a precious daily cure for the skin.
Milk fiber yarn has very regular fibers, that allow for a good humidity absorption typical of all natural fibers; when worn combined with other precious fibers it enriches their qualities such as softness, brightness and thermal conductivity.
Milk fiber fabric neutral environmental impact and the absence of formaldehyde in its creation make it a fully natural and eco-friendly fiber with unique and sophisticated qualities.

Wood Fiber

Wood fiber is a soft and luminous textile fiber extracted from the pulp of beech wood through an exclusive treatment, the result of strong craftsmanship and the use of advanced technologies. The result is a fabric that manages to perfectly combine sustainability, quality and resistance over time. All the raw material used comes from certified and responsibly managed forests, for this reason choosing this garment does not only mean loving our skin more, but also our environment. The wood fiber stands out for its thermoregulation capacity, thanks to which it can be warm in winter and cool in summer, and that of transpiration, which allows it to absorb moisture to a greater extent than any other fabric. The beech wood fiber fabric is in fact more absorbent and resistant than a cotton fabric, as breathable as linen and as delicate and soft as silk. The garments made with this fabric are also characterized by their enormous resistance to frequent washing while preserving the beauty and softness of the garment.          Our Beech Wood Fiber is ECOVERO ™ certified.

Organic Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is one of the most prastigious cottons worldwide. It’s produced in the regions of Piura and Chira. Pima cotton is known worldwide because it has longer fibers than the other grown qualities. Pima cotton harvest is made by hand and is completed in three phases, following the flowering of the plant, starting with the lower branches (where the best buds are located) and then gradually proceeding to the apical branches. The hand-picking harvest is a long and meticulous job, but it allows to select only the fully mature buds, avoiding the unriped ones along with foreign bodies (leaves, capsule fragments, topsoil) thus preserving the quality of the fiber.

This cotton is highly appreciated for its extraordinary softness, its delicate brightness, the resistance to wear and to piling. The garments made with this fabric ensure extreme comfort and durability over time.


Kapok fiber comes from the fruits of the non cultivated Kapok tree, available in tropical areas, where the trees are not treated with fertilizers or chemical products. Kapok is a functional fiber (hollow fiber) so it is naturally breathable. Kapok is a totally biologic fiber because it grows spontaneously in nature (so it does not need intensive cultivation) and it is hand-picked from the plant stems: this is why choosing this fiber means helping the environment! Moreover by increasing the use of the Kapok fiber we increase the cultivation of other plants, which contribute to the flourishing of the ecosystems they grow in. Thanks to a natural life cycle and to the natural/organic environment in which it grows (without fertilizers or pesticides), Kapok allows for a natural and biological disposal of its fiber. The clothing produced with its fabric are characterized by lightness (kapok fiber is 6 times lighter than cotton), an excellent humidity management, their high resistance and eco-friendliness. In fact the air the contained in its hollow fiber has a thermoregulatory function, allowing the garment to efficiently insulate the body both from cold and hot temperatures. It is also indicated to those who suffer from allergies.

Eucalyptus Fiber

Eucalyptus fiber is a fiber characterized by a silky softness and incredible lightness,it is produced from the pulp of the wood of eucalyptus trees, making it the most environmentally compatible natural fiber. The garments in this fabric have excellent resistance, thermoregulation, high breathability of the skin and excellent moisture absorption power, with a water vapor absorption power of about 50% greater than cotton, ensuring maximum comfort in every season. There are numerous advantages deriving from the use of this fiber, which is appreciated for its great resistance and its antibacterial properties thanks to the porous structure of the fiber, which facilitates the passage of a greater quantity of air, creating an hostile environment to development of bacteria and mites. It is a material that to the touch proves to be elastic and smooth, able to withstand temperatures up to 40 degrees without problems, moreover, it is a fabric that dries very quickly and does not need to be ironed. Our eucalyptus fiber is TENCEL ™ Lyocell certified and it is obtained from Eucalyptus trees grown by companies certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), respecting socially and responsibly environmentally friendly standards.


Our Packaging

We only use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper and the ink we use for printing are completely vegetal. The composition of vegetal inks is very similar to the traditional ones, with only a difference: the mineral oils are partially substituted by vegetal oils. These inks ensure a VOCs (volatile organic compounds) reduction as well as an easier product recycling cycle, since the paints and solvents that they contain are all vegetal. The absence of mineral oils results in the minimal toxicity of the solvent, using renewable resources instead of petrochemical minerals.

Our certifications

The GOTS certification

The GOTS certification

The Global Organic Textile Standard was developed by leading international organizations in organic agriculture in order to guarantee the consumer that organic textile products are obtained in compliance with stringent environmental and social criteria applied at all levels of production, from the harvesting of natural fibers to the subsequent manufacturing phases, up to the labeling of the finished product. GOTS, responding to the strong demand for common production criteria by the industry and the distribution of textile and clothing products, has obtained a wide international recognition that allows those who produce and sell organic textile products to have a certification accepted in all major markets.

FSC® certification

FSC® certification

The Forest Stewardship Council® is an international non-profit NGO, has created an internationally recognized forest certification system. The FSC® logo guarantees that the product has been made with raw materials deriving from forests correctly managed according to the principles of the two main standards: forest management and chain of custody. The certification scheme is independent and third party. In fact, inspections are carried out by over 30 certification bodies around the world. In Italy, since 2001, FSC® Italia has been present. The FSC® brand identifies products containing wood from forests managed in a correct and responsible manner according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.The name “Forest Stewardship Council” and the acronym “FSC” are all internationally registered trademarks and property of the Forest Stewardship Council®, their use must therefore be authorized by FSC® itself or by certification bodies operating on its behalf.



ECOVERO ™ is a certification of responsibility towards the environment that gives consumers the confidence that their purchasing choices are environmentally friendly. The viscous fibers with the ECOVERO ™ brand are produced only from certified and controlled wood sources with a significantly lower use of fossil energy and water resources, up to 50% less than generic viscose. ECOVERO ™ is a mark of environmental excellence, internationally recognized with the EU Ecolabel certification. The ECOVERO ™ logo therefore identifies those products and services that have a low environmental impact during their life cycle: from the extraction of the raw material, obtained using cellulose that derives from renewable resources in wood, to disposal.

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